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deep Listening Sound Walk

The Sound Walk is Act 1/3 in a series of collaborations with the musician Laura Misch, that expands the world of her new album Sample the Sky through a deep listening map and series of events.

holobiont acted as host organism for a sound walk in Sydenham Woods, SE London, with Laura Misch and Marysia Osu to explore the geographical and emotional landscapes that inspired Laura’s new record.

We listened to an analogue version of the album in the undergrowth, joined by a cacophony of more than human voices.

We connected more deeply to our environment by zooming into tiny worlds with a microscope and playing with a parabolic mic to amplify the forest. We introduced the deep listening map and invited participants to add their own reflections and contributions to the digital version.


Read the full report about our collaboration with Laura here.

Photography by Alex Leggatt and Georgia Vincent; film by Nick Bordeaux.

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