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This project is a thought experiment created in response to a call for radical visions for future government. It is the story of an anarchist community, The Others, who form an autonomous economic sphere and evolve to carve previously unimaginable avenues of possibility into capitalist reality. They centre care and maintenance of all life, and use vitality rather than growth as a metric of success.

At it's core this is a vision for a solidarity economy that runs on a time-based currency – the one asset we hold in equal amounts, the one investment everyone has to make and the one resource impossible to reproduce – thus creating a basis for everyone. The Other Economy is symbiotic within itself while parasitic to the capitalist market economy. As it grows, it saps capital's power and liberates itself and the public imagination.

The Others was published by Nesta in the Radical Visions for Future Government publication, which was launched at the Government Innovation Summit in 2019.

This work was conceived and designed in collaboration with Jacob Chabeaux.

See the full Radical Visions publication here.

View and download The Others PDF here

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