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holobiont is a creative organism. we exist to shift culture towards social and ecological balance.

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A holobiont is a collection of organisms that create a new whole by living in symbiosis with each other. This is how we see ourselves and our work: unruly creatures collaborating with others to work towards the eco-social equilibrium of a larger cultural ecosystem. We come together from different personal, creative and academic backgrounds to bring varied views and ideas to everything we do.

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Laura misch x holobiont



our work

Our work takes many forms, we shape-shift between:


 host organism to put on happenings & events

symbiont to collaborate and co-create cultural artefacts with others

parasite to redistribute cultural power to those less seen or heard


We draw on different thought-worlds and practices to expand what cultural production can look like, centring care, mutualism and anti-oppressive methods.


We embed evaluation from the start, to make sure we are working towards sustainability that creates a balance of social, cultural, environmental and economic value.


Below are some examples of the types of work we create.


research and publications

We regularly produce research and publications. They range from academic research papers on counter-cartography and play, to stories of anarchist meme squads and queer futures. Take a look at the selection below for more details.

An Ambiguous Utopia
Pleasure inQueery
The Others
Counter Cartography
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so hot right now

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Reach out...

...Connect with us.

If you'd like to learn more about this unruly organism, or discuss a collaboration or a project, extend those ~ tendrils ~ to the keyboard and say hi ❤︎

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