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Life's QueeR TapestRy

Life’s Queer Tapestry is the design outcome of research into Pleasure Activism as a means of resistance: 'The Pleasure inQueery Project'. Looking at gender equality as part of wider struggles for social and environmental justice, the Pleasure inQueery Project examines and que(e)ries human relationships to pleasure in the patriarchal, extractivist political economy we inhabit.

Guided by concepts like Queer Ecology and Pleasure Activism, and drawing on the often feminised practice of craft, the project culminated in a collaborative tapestry inviting everyone to identify and craft an image that represents their own unique queer ecology, using collective activity and the power of informal space to discuss pathways to pleasure. 

Exhibited as part of Visible, A Love Letter (2022) at Central Saint Martins and Murmurations (2021) at BOLD Elephant. Read the research publication here.

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